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This brought in The "Gold Leaf Spa", wherein we manufacture all balms, Hydrosol's, elixirs and serums. We make fresh professional grade Facial creams and masks - so that no preservatives are required. We add to this the required bio-actives. This ensures that you get better results than any of the best brands selling.We went overboard with hygiene, so that you are extremely safe. We brought in with us as partner and Director the master teacher of massage therapies - Ms. Janya Sinprakob from the World's capital of Spa's - Thailand.Our therapies are heavenly with all our therapists well trained, our master therapists are experts in dissolving those knots and stagnant poisonous fluids and giving you a new leaf of life!


Thank you for a wonderful massage with very competent, friendly staff. -John Cocuburn Wellington New Zealand It was great experience with you. Nice staff, relaxing massage. Sure I will come again Naresh/Anju

From the very beginning wellness was a topic close to our hearts. We think it started with the fact that we belong to the time where we saw life changing from 'close to nature' to 'hardly anything natural'. From people using mostly oils and balms to people buying creams and lotions full of harmful and carcinogenic Chemicals and Preservatives.To us it was quite evident that suddenly within a short span of 2 or 3 decades bright faces, erect statures, and brisk gait had been replaced by pollution and artificial cream battered faces, lethargic bodies and built up of harmful chemicals and preservatives in the bodies. And to top this all - a total surrender to the daily rat race, bringing tension and stress where once serenity existed.


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