Marriage is probably the most important day of your life! You've been looking forward to this day all your life.

Your photographs that will be taken this day will be looked at and cherished for many generations.

This is the most important event and you need the attention of professional Therapists and beauty experts who are experienced in Preparing the bride for this day with a Bridal program of massages, body therapies, facials and body scrubs, Pedicures and Manicures.

Finally the Make up Artist takes over for those most beautiful bridal hair, bridal make-up, and nail care.
For a hairstyle that will not only look stunning! but will last after hours of the 'Indian Marriage'!, and for that dew drop glowing skin that is so prepared as to look flawless and natural even up close and in photographs and video.

For this, not just any salon will do. It has to be a full program. You need a team of bridal specialists who are competent in providing the highest quality of personal service for your most special day and all the events leading up to it.

Our hairstylists will give you the perfect hair colour and styling, if so required - extra length, glamorous extensions, ending up in the hairstyle of your dreams!

Our make-up artists are proficient in both traditional and air-brush make up. Our expert Pedicurists will not only give you beautiful toes, they will help you relax, as well.

Our skincare line is so gentle, you can even plan to have a facial on your wedding day!

For all your all your functions trust Gold Leaf Spa's team of experts to ensure that you look your most beautiful and charming. Our team of experts will ensure that you approach your marriage totally relaxed, looking gorgeous and beautiful.

You will be Picture Perfect!

Along with you, we can also ensure that all the close relatives and friends look their very best.

For the Groom we can bring out the best in him by preparing him with a program of massages, body scrubs, Facials and pedicures and manicures leading to the marriage day with hair cutting/styling, colouring and full grooming of the friends and brothers!

Please call us on 8510020036 to get to talk to our Bridal expert and make a custom program for you.

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