A 2010 study conducted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, or Assocham, found that the cumulative cost of sick days and absenteeism across Indian workplaces adds up to a staggering 80 billion Rupees every year.

Medical researchers estimate that stress is now the underlying cause of over 80% of all illnesses. Over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies are reducing employee stress and medical cost by participating in a wellness program.

The Corporate Wellness Programme here at Gold Leaf Spa, is our aim to help the Corporates rejuvenate, relax and replenish themselves. So that they get a break from their Stressed out Routines and are able to be more productive in what they do.

Why does your Company need Corporate Wellness?

On-the-job stress can be contributed to, company growth, deadlines and the daily competitiveness within a company. Physical threats such as carpal tunnel syndrome, fatigue, the common cold and other illnesses can be easily be contracted in the work environment. Which further lead to loss in Productivity, Demotivation and dissatisfaction amongst the workforce.

Massage therapy has been shown time and again to alleviate work-related stress and build immunity against many illnesses, and companies that offer massage benefits to their employees not only have happier employees but healthier employees who feel appreciated, and in turn excel in their jobs, which is the Primary aim of the Corporate Wellness Programme at Gold Leaf Spa-Where Serenity Begins

Why does your Company need Corporate Wellness?


 Improved team productivity

 Higher employee retention

 Positive work environment

 Healthier work force

 Reduced employee cost

 Enhanced bottom line

 Unique corporate positioning

 Elevated success


What all does Gold Leaf Spa offer?

Gold Leaf Spa has various solutions for all forward looking companies who are aiming to give their employees the positive effects of the Massage Therapy.

Gold Leaf Spa offers:-

Corporate Group membership:
You pay upfront at corporate rates that make it easy to get your employees started on a wellness program you can both benefit from. Any number of your employees can use this. You get a monthly statement.

Gift Vouchers:
Reward employees, Recognize achievers, thank your customers, give as gift on birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions.


Reach out to us :

If you are interested in the Corporate Wellness Programme or wish to know more about how Gold Leaf Spa can help your Organization, feel free to get in touch :

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