Because you deserve to feel this good...
and we take care

We are MAD MAD MAD about Hygiene; which means you are free of worries and can just RELAX

Highly trained Master Therapists; which means you get the most exemplary service

Individual ‘All weather Climate control’; which means you are comfortable all through the year

All Gold Leaf Spa’s are Vastu oriented; which results in correct flow of Energy

All Spa Balms, Hydrosols, Elixirs are 100% Natural, without chemical preservatives and to ensure purity, are made In-house; which means you get the best products

We endeavor to maintain Spa Air Quality better than Jungle Air, which means you will feel fresh after a visit to Gold Leaf Spa

Massages and Therapies selected and designed to be included in the menu, address all concerns, whether Immediate, Therapeutic or just simple Relaxation; which means we are with you at all times

Gold Leaf Spa In a Glance:

An Indo - Thai Venture - Excellent training and hospitality

Vastu Compliant – Correct flow of energy

Own Training Academy – No Street Therapist

Spa Products 100% Natural & Manufactured In-house
- You get the best

Inside Air Quality maintained better than Jungle Air
- You feel fresh

Strong Repeatable Processes – You always get quality

Strong emphasis on Spa Safety and Hygiene
- You are in safe hands

Strong Brand Value - No dilution across branches

Positive engagement with customers
- We listen to you

On-Going Development of Therapies and Products – You get the latest ‘Living’ Menu – We ask you and give you what you want

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