Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are positioned on parts of the client’s body of to maximize the therapeutic benefit. The stones used are typically river rocks or other very smooth-surfaced stones made of basalt. These stones are heated in sanitizing water before use. The high iron content in basalt helps the stones retain heat during the massage. Hot stone massages are beneficial on both physical and psychological levels. Always check with your doctor before getting a hot stone massage; individuals with certain conditions–including pregnant women and people with high blood pressure–are advised to avoid this type of therapy.

Muscle Relaxation

The heat from the stones helps your muscles relax, allowing the massage therapist to manipulate your deep tissues more effectively. Overly tense muscles can hinder the massage procedure, so if your muscles are extremely tight or stiff, the heated stones may provide the extra relaxation you need for the massage to be beneficial in releasing tension and easing sore muscles.

Pain Relief

While all types of massage can help relieve pain caused by tense muscles, stiff joints or injuries, a hot stone massage may provide greater relief due to the intense nature of the massage. Because the hot stones allow the massage therapist to penetrate deeper, you may find that a hot stone massage leaves you feeling physically better than a Swedish or deep-tissue massage that does not incorporate heat. It is important to let your massage therapist know if you feel that the heat from the stones is too much or that the pressure he is using is too harsh. Pain or discomfort during the massage process can cause more harm than good after the massage is over.

Improved Circulation

Typically, a massage therapist allows the heated stones to rest on trigger points in your body before beginning the actual massage. As the heat from the stones penetrates into your deeper body tissues, your blood vessels open, resulting in improved circulation. Poor circulation can lead to fatigue, which tenses the muscles, and a buildup of fluid and lactic acid in the muscles. Increased circulation delivers more oxygen to the muscles, which can help ease aches and pains.

Mental Benefits

Massage therapy can result in mental benefits as well as physical ones in many people. You may find that the relaxation afforded to you through a hot stone massage helps ease some of your mental stress and tension. A hot stone massage may also help you combat some of the symptoms of anxiety disorders and depression. While massage therapy is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychiatric care, it can be an integral part of your treatment plan.


7 Quick Tips for Reducing Stress




Health is about so much more than just eating well! You also need to take care of other things in your life that nourish you.

1. Practice deep conscious breathing throughout the day. You’ll be amazed at the immediate calming effect it has on your body. The “one-breath” meditation is a powerful, straightforward relaxation technique that can be practiced anytime, anywhere from your office to the subway!

Try it whenever you feel fatigued or out of whack: sit in a comfortable chair, straighten your back, relax your shoulders and take a deep breath. Let the air open your chest, and imagine that it is revitalizing every cell in your body. Hold your breath for a count of 3, then exhale releasing every bit of tension. Repeat 8 times for a quick pick-me-up!

2. We lead very sedentary lives today, so it’s important to exercise and be as active as you can throughout your day. Add movement in your day by taking the stairs instead of the lift; for those of you who work on the 35th floor, this may not be a good idea. However, you can take the lift to the 30th floor and walk from there! In the office, walk over to see your colleagues instead of using the phone… every step counts! Outside of work experiment with an exercise style that works for you:yoga, Pilates, martial arts, walking, running, cycling, rollerblading, swimming, dancing or competitive sports… anything that will get you moving, and that’s fun! One invaluable piece of advice that I can give you regarding exercise is that you need to determine if you are a morning person or a night person. I am a morning person, so I always exercise in the morning. I know that if I leave it to the evening, my energy will be too low, and I will never do it!

3. Take a 30-minute appointment with yourself every day, and treat yourself to regular quiet time. Turn your phone off, let everyone know that you don’t want to be disturbed, listen to music, study, pray, meditate… recharge yourself… whatever works, so you can relax!

4. Cultivate gratitude: First thing in the morning and right before going to bed at night, think of 3 things you’re grateful for in your life.

5. Foster a sense of humor; hum or sing a happy song every day and smile!

6. Keep your home in good order: You are your home!



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Easy Tips for a Healthy Body


beautiful woman with healthy food and water

Do you feel like you have absolutely no time to think about or plan the food that you eat every day? No time for the supermarket? No time to take care of your body, mind and soul? Chances are you are now running on empty…


7 Quick Tips for a Healthy Body:


  1. Eat a small handful of raw seeds and/or nuts every day. If you’re going to buy anything from the supermarket to snack on, let it be raw seeds and nuts… do not go for the chips and cookies!


  1. Eat fresh fruit two times a day. Vary the color of the fruits: think red, green and orange for example, and alternate between grapes/berries, apples/pears and oranges/mandarins.


  1. Many of you eat out most of the time, so it’s important that you order right. As a rule of thumb, always fill half your plate with vegetables, and a quarter each of protein and good carbs. Make sure you choose vegetables in a variety of different colors (green, red, orange, yellow…).


  1. Choose good sources of protein, and try to include oily fish such as salmon and tuna two times a week. Avoid red meat as much as possible; keep it to once a week (or less!), and choose very lean cuts.


  1. Chew your food well, until it becomes soft and almost liquid. This will help enormously with your digestion, and you will eat less!


  1. Be religious about your water intake! It’s your most vital nutrient, so make sure you consume 6-8 glasses of water a day. Cut your coffee and sodaintake, and replace it with tea and vegetable juices. At a business lunch, for example, you can order a Virgin Bloody Mary instead of a diet Coke, and tea instead of a coffee.


  1. Avoid sugary and rich/fried food, and keep away from the bread and butter basket at restaurants… save the calories for real healthy food!



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Benefits of Massage During Winter



Massage has many wonderful benefits to all who partake , and in the winter months, this is no exception.

Immune Boosting
Massage therapy increases lymph flow which is packed with white blood cells or “killer cells”. These “killer cells” fight off infections and bacteria, boosting your immune system during this time of year where many of us get sick.

Dry Skin
Massage therapy is proven to improve skin hydration during these dry winter months.  Oils and lotions used in massage contain healthy amounts of vitamin E and other vitamins.  Massage therapy improves circulation, allowing your skin to absorb these essential vitamins, leaving you feeling nourished and hydrated.

Massage therapy increases circulation to muscles, joints, and organs, warming up the body. Cold weather can bring on many discomforts, aches, pains and arthritis.  Regular massage enhances blood flow, naturally lowering blood pressure and improving body function.

Winter Blues
Winter months decrease our opportunities to do our favorite activities, and increase

depression. It’s cold, and most of us don’t like it.  Though, we cannot clinically say that massage therapy is a “cure” for depression, what we can say, is that getting regular massages enhances warmth and an overall state of well being. It makes you feel better! Massage therapy releases serotonin and endorphins, relieving stress and making you feel better.

Perfect reasons to book in with one of the many wonderful massage therapists we at Gold Leaf Spa have on offer. Stay well and stay warm this winter & we look forward to assisting you with this very soon.


Benefits of massage


As you lie on the table under crisp, fresh sheets, hushed music draws you into the moment. The smell of sage fills the air and you hear the gentle sound of massage oil being warmed in your therapist’s hands. The pains of age, the throbbing from your over stressed muscles, the sheer need to be touched — all cry out for therapeutic hands to start their work. Once the session gets underway, the problems of the world fade into an oblivious 60 minutes of relief and all you can comprehend right now is not wanting it to end.

But what if that hour of massage did more for you than just take the pressures of the day away? What if that gentle, Swedish massage helped you combat cancer? What if bodywork helped you recover from a strained hamstring in half the time? What if your sleep, digestion and mood all improved with massage and bodywork? What if these weren’t just “what ifs”?

Evidence is showing that the more massage you can allow yourself, the better you’ll feel. Here’s why.

Massage as a healing tool has been around for thousands of years in many cultures. Touching is a natural human reaction to pain and stress, and for conveying compassion and support. Think of the last time you bumped your head or had a sore calf. What did you do? Rubbed it, right? The same was true of our earliest ancestors. Healers throughout time and throughout the world have instinctually and independently developed a wide range of therapeutic techniques using touch. Many are still in use today, and with good reason. We now have scientific proof of the benefits of massage – benefits ranging from treating chronic diseases and injuries to alleviating the growing tensions of our modern lifestyles. Having a massage does more than just relax your body and mind – there are specific physiological and psychological changes which occur, even more so when massage is utilized as a preventative, frequent therapy and not simply mere luxury. Massage not only feels good, but it can cure what ails you.

The Consequences of Stress
Experts estimate that 80 percent to 90 percent of disease is stress-related. Massage and bodywork is there to combat that frightening number by helping us remember what it means to relax. The physical changes massage brings to your body can have a positive effect in many areas of your life. Besides increasing relaxation and decreasing anxiety, massage lowers your blood pressure, increases circulation, improves recovery from injury, helps you to sleep better and can increase your concentration. It reduces fatigue and gives you more energy to handle stressful situations.

Massage is a perfect elixir for good health, but it can also provide an integration of body and mind. By producing a meditative state or heightened awareness of living in the present moment, massage can provide emotional and spiritual balance, bringing with it true relaxation and peace.

The incredible benefits of massage are doubly powerful if taken in regular “doses.” Dr. Maria Hernandez-Reif, from the Touch Research Institute (TRI) at the University of Miami, is known for her massage research, along with colleague Tiffany Field. Together, they and other researchers have done outstanding work proving the value of massage. While their studies have shown we can benefit from massage even in small doses (15 minutes of chair massage or a half-hour table session), Hernandez-Reif says they know from their research that receiving bodywork 2-3 times a week is highly beneficial. And if we lived in a fantasy world, Hernandez-Reif has the answer. “I feel a daily massage is optimal.”

It’s undoubtedly a wonderful thing when your therapist begins unwinding those stress-tightened muscles, and your day’s troubles begin to fade away. But it’s the cherry on top to know this “medicine” only gets better with frequency.


What You Already Know: The Benefits of Massage
In an age of technical and, at times, impersonal medicine, massage offers a drug-free, non-invasive and humanistic approach based on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. So what exactly are the benefits to receiving regular massage and/or bodywork treatments?

– Increases circulation, allowing the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs.

– Stimulates the flow of lymph, the body’s natural defense system, against toxic invaders. For example, in breast cancer patients, massage has been shown to increase the cells that fight cancer.

– Increased circulation of blood and lymph systems improves the condition of the body’s largest organ – the skin.

– Relaxes and softens injured and overused muscles

– Reduces spasms and cramping

– Increases joint flexibility.

– Reduces recovery time, helps prepare for strenuous workouts and eliminates subsequent pains of the athlete at any level.

– Releases endorphins – the body’s natural painkiller – and is being used in chronic illness, injury and recovery from surgery to control and relieve pain.

– Reduces post-surgery adhesions and edema and can be used to reduce and realign scar tissue after healing has occurred.

– Improves range-of-motion and decreases discomfort for patients with low back pain.

– Relieves pain for migraine sufferers and decreases the need for medication.

– Provides exercise and stretching for atrophied muscles and reduces shortening of the muscles for those with restricted range of motion.

– Assists with shorter labor for expectant mothers, as well as less need for medication, less depression and anxiety, and shorter hospital stays.

how to follow a skin care routine in monsoon.




Usually it gets difficult to predict how the skin will behave in monsoon, therefore making it difficult to follow a set skin care routine.
From applying a moisturising lotion immediately after bath to taking a shower in lukewarm water are some of the tips that can help in achieving flawless skin during monsoon.
Usually it gets difficult to predict how the skin will behave in monsoon, therefore making it difficult to follow a set skin care routine. Aparna Santhanam, skincare expert of Unilever, shares some tips to help your skin enjoy the rain without harming it.
* Common myths during monsoon: There is a belief that monsoon skin problems are due to sweating. While this does cause problems, fluctuating humidity is also likely to cause sporadic and patchy dryness on the skin. Further, although one cannot see the sun, the ultraviolet rays penetrate through cloud covers and continue inflicting damage on unprotected skin. It is therefore imperative to use moisturizing lotion with SPF properties even in the monsoon.
* Moisturisation during this season: In most places in India, the downpours alternate with dry days. This fluctuating humidity affects the body’s ability to retain moisture consistently and effectively. Using a lightweight lotion based moisturizer helps skin retain its natural moisture and nourishes it from deep within.
* Simple Dos and Don’ts for skincare during monsoon:
– You may be tempted to take a cold shower to beat the heat. But you must not do it as much as possible in the monsoon and opt for lukewarm showers to not strip moisture from the skin.
– As a hot shower strips your skin of moisture, applying a moisturising lotion immediately after bath works well for your skin.
– Use an antifungal dusting powder in between your toes and in the folds of your skin to prevent sweating and fungal infections. Feet need special care in the monsoons as they are most prone to damage.
– Sunscreen is a must for all skin types. One must use a light textured sunscreen that is double blocking with a minimum SPF of 15, depending on your comfort level. Using a sunscreen is also easier as you do not sweat as much and hence, your skin can get maximum benefits from these procedures.
So make sure you follow these simple steps that will ensure you glow your way through the most dull and gloomy days of the year!

Is your Spa operator is more focused towards engagement of the Guests


Dear Hotel Owner, Is your Spa operator is more focused  towards engagement of the Guests or just sitting and waiting….


Your Hotel Spa should be a *_major_* revenue earner for you. Though most hotels have a working Spa, but it fails to add to the revenue basket as much as it is capable to or it must

Our therapies have been showcased by the Travel And Leisure Channel “TLC”, which means that the therapies enjoy a premium place.

Gold Leaf Spa lays great emphasis on Hygiene and Safety and Personal grooming. We ensure that all staff is regularly sensitized to this. This is highly appreciated by guests.


3 In-House Plants to Remove Pollutants & Give Clean Air

3 House Plants to Improve Indoor Oxygen
And Remove Toxic Chemicals From Indoor Air
  1. Oxygen is the most important Nutrient for the Human body.
  2. A man can live 15 days without food, 3 days without water and only 3 minutes with ought oxygen.
  3. Contrary to what we may think, unfortunately the indoor air may be actually worse than outside air. This is because of all the printed material, furniture, paint, moping and cleaning agents and other chemicals being used in the closed environment of the house.
  4. The most important need today is to understand and get sensitised to this danger to our health.
  5. Some of the chemicals found in a common house air are formaldehydes, benzene, xylene, carbon monoxide and Carbon Dioxide.
  6. We also must become aware that these toxins are synthetic and our bodies do not know how to metabolise them. They remain in our bodies for as much as 40 years! silently causing havoc to our health and the health of our dear ones.
The Best indoor plants that are good to clean the house air of all the above chemicals are:
  1. Money Plant
  2. Mother In-Laws Tongue
  3. Areca Palm
These plants survive for long time Inside the house and need little watering and Little care.
Money Plant: Epipremnum Oureum
Removes Formaldehydes and other volatile chemicals
Mother In Laws Tongue: Sansevieria
Converts Co2 to Oxygen at night. It is therefore very suitable to keep in the bedroom
Areca Palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens)
Converts Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen during the day
Plant Care
These plants are very hardy plants and require minimum care.
1.Wipe leaves every day
2. Water sparingly
3. Take them out for 2-4 days each month.
These plants are so efficient that If a person is sealed in an air tight room with 6 of each plant, he will survive all his life!



Your Hotel Spa should be a *_major_* revenue earner for you. Though most hotels have a working Spa, but it fails to add to the revenue basket as much as it is capable to or it must.

We have made operating a Hotel Spa into a process driven science, which will garner maximum revenue from the Spa to you.

Taking note of our strong, documented and repeatable processes , we have been awarded the ‘Most Exciting Spa Franchise Opportunity’ award. This means that when we operate the Spa in your hotel, operations are revenue and process driven, with the customer enjoying the whole process.


Express Holiday

Could not go for a Holiday?
Or Just want Some ʻMEʼ Time?
Or just tired because you have been to a Holiday?

You do not need to wait for a long weekend to get rejuvenated!
Come for a one-day’s holiday at the Gold Leaf Spa.

The package includes:

  • A welcome Moringa Tea
  • Heavenly Foot Soak & Wash
  • A most luxurious body scrub with our proprietary blend of Dead Sea Salt
  • The most relaxing Calming Lava massage to get the circulation going
  • A Glass of Wine Some where in between! …… with fruits & an assortment of
  • Lunch/Dinner at the clubs Restaurant Samara


  • Package includes Appetisers, specially mixed beverages and Lunch at the
    “Samara” with choice of Italian, Thai, Chinese cuisines. And if so desired
                                This takes about 3-4 hours of sublime Holiday!

!Welcome Ritual!

The journey begins much before your therapy!
First special Teaʼs are offered to ensure that you get the maximum
mileage out of the therapy. This ensure that toxins washed out of
your system because of the therapy are efficiently drained out.
A ʻOh so heavenlyʼ foot soak in Wild Jungle infused Dead Sea salt in
warm water follows!

Your feet are gently scrubbed and washed using a brand new natural
scrubber for you. (because……We are Mad Mad Mad about Hygine!)

✼ Scrub ✼
Your Therapist will first give you a Dead sea and Epsom salt
Dead Sea salt is precious for its high mineral content and its coarse
crystals, the perfect texture to exfoliate & reveal fresher-looking skin
and to stimulate circulation when applied.
Our Dead Sea Salt Scrub contains coarse crystals to exfoliate and lift
off dead skin cells. A blend of high quality plant oils help to moisturise
skin and leave it smoother. It also contains high mineral concentration
which help de-toxify, ease muscles and relax the mind!

✼ massage ✼
The next step in your sublime journey is the Massage!
When one really needs to relax the muscles and calm the mind, this is
the massage to choose. Your Therapist will first relax the muscles
using our proprietary aromatic balm and Light strokes. Subsequently
natural Basalt, heated stones are used to deeply heat the relaxed
muscles and open clogged chakras. This therapy will promote Deep
muscle and tissue relaxation, Alleviate stress, release toxins, Improve
Circulation and calm the psyche.
After this you can just sit down in our quite room and just relax!

This treatment really has the Feel Good Factor!

✼ samara ✼
No where near the end!
After having relaxed and rejuvenated; your body, mind and soul have
become one.
Now is the time to sit back in our restaurant samara and enjoy a
reflective meal. Our Chef has prepared a choice of Indian, Continental
and Chinese menu to chose from!

Still want more?
A complimentary sit-down in our bar* – The London Pub is just the
finale to this blissful experience.
(* you pay here)