Your Hotel Spa should be a *_major_* revenue earner for you. Though most hotels have a working Spa, but it fails to add to the revenue basket as much as it is capable to or it must.

We have made operating a Hotel Spa into a process driven science, which will garner maximum revenue from the Spa to you.

Taking note of our strong, documented and repeatable processes , we have been awarded the ‘Most Exciting Spa Franchise Opportunity’ award. This means that when we operate the Spa in your hotel, operations are revenue and process driven, with the customer enjoying the whole process.


Express Holiday

Could not go for a Holiday?
Or Just want Some ʻMEʼ Time?
Or just tired because you have been to a Holiday?

You do not need to wait for a long weekend to get rejuvenated!
Come for a one-day’s holiday at the Gold Leaf Spa.

The package includes:

  • A welcome Moringa Tea
  • Heavenly Foot Soak & Wash
  • A most luxurious body scrub with our proprietary blend of Dead Sea Salt
  • The most relaxing Calming Lava massage to get the circulation going
  • A Glass of Wine Some where in between! …… with fruits & an assortment of
  • Lunch/Dinner at the clubs Restaurant Samara


  • Package includes Appetisers, specially mixed beverages and Lunch at the
    “Samara” with choice of Italian, Thai, Chinese cuisines. And if so desired
                                This takes about 3-4 hours of sublime Holiday!

!Welcome Ritual!

The journey begins much before your therapy!
First special Teaʼs are offered to ensure that you get the maximum
mileage out of the therapy. This ensure that toxins washed out of
your system because of the therapy are efficiently drained out.
A ʻOh so heavenlyʼ foot soak in Wild Jungle infused Dead Sea salt in
warm water follows!

Your feet are gently scrubbed and washed using a brand new natural
scrubber for you. (because……We are Mad Mad Mad about Hygine!)

✼ Scrub ✼
Your Therapist will first give you a Dead sea and Epsom salt
Dead Sea salt is precious for its high mineral content and its coarse
crystals, the perfect texture to exfoliate & reveal fresher-looking skin
and to stimulate circulation when applied.
Our Dead Sea Salt Scrub contains coarse crystals to exfoliate and lift
off dead skin cells. A blend of high quality plant oils help to moisturise
skin and leave it smoother. It also contains high mineral concentration
which help de-toxify, ease muscles and relax the mind!

✼ massage ✼
The next step in your sublime journey is the Massage!
When one really needs to relax the muscles and calm the mind, this is
the massage to choose. Your Therapist will first relax the muscles
using our proprietary aromatic balm and Light strokes. Subsequently
natural Basalt, heated stones are used to deeply heat the relaxed
muscles and open clogged chakras. This therapy will promote Deep
muscle and tissue relaxation, Alleviate stress, release toxins, Improve
Circulation and calm the psyche.
After this you can just sit down in our quite room and just relax!

This treatment really has the Feel Good Factor!

✼ samara ✼
No where near the end!
After having relaxed and rejuvenated; your body, mind and soul have
become one.
Now is the time to sit back in our restaurant samara and enjoy a
reflective meal. Our Chef has prepared a choice of Indian, Continental
and Chinese menu to chose from!

Still want more?
A complimentary sit-down in our bar* – The London Pub is just the
finale to this blissful experience.
(* you pay here)